21 августа 2011 г.

Installing Battlefied Vietnam on Linux dedicated server

Step 1. Preparation

Fedora 13
Debian 5
When I first installed bfv_linded on my Debian box it kept showing me an error
bfv_linded: No such file or directory

While bfv_linded was there. The reason was lack of some libraries. I've been trying to find solution on the internet, and since the game is bloody old I even had to use Web Archive to browse BFV server developer's official forum.
So in this thread "FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE bug" the guy is using gdb for debugging. I've tried to install it but failed because of some unresolving dependencies. So I've installed aptitude, then dgb and after that everything worked. I mean, apparently during aptitude or gdb installation those missing libraries got installed.

Step 2. BFV_LINDED installation

Fetch the installer:

Permission to execute:
chmod +x ./bfv_linded-v1.2-20041006.1506.run

Run the installer:

Type 'accept' then 'yes'/'no'. Choose installation folder, e.g. /opt or /usr/games. Subdir bfv will be created automatically.

Get in:
cd /opt/bfv

... or ...
cd /usr/games/bfv

Start your Battlefield Vietnam server:
./start.sh +statusMonitor 1

P.S. you may also want to take a look at Battlefield Vietnam Server Manager a.k.a. BVSM by blackbagops.com.

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