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Installing desktop, Firefox, Flash Player and TightVNC on Ubuntu Server/Debian

The task is: to install a desktop environment on VPS server (low-end box) with Firefox browser, Adobe Flash Player and TightVNC remote control. Working in a "I'm-no-geek" mode. OS: Debian or Ubuntu.

Note: if you're using Debian, don't use sudo in the commands below.

0. Preparation

  1. For Ubuntu: open /etc/apt/sources.list and enable multiverse repository by just adding ' multiverse' to the end of each line.ubuntu add multiverse repository

  2. sudo apt-get update

We can choose from different window managers.
Note: later you'll be prompted like this:
console-setup xorg ubuntu server debian
I've selected defaults.

1.a. ubuntu-desktop (all-in-one command, memory consuming)

sudo apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop

install ubuntu-desktop ubuntu server top
The first time I tried to install ubuntu-desktop I didn't use --no-install-recommends parameter, so I couldn't even launch System Monitor -- the system couldn't allocate memory.
This is not an option for a low-end box.

1.b. fluxbox (light-weight option)

sudo apt-get install -y xorg fluxbox

install fluxbox ubuntu server debian top

1.c. IceWM

sudo apt-get install -y xorg icewm

Installed IceWM running on Debian box.
installed icewm debian server

1.d. Openbox

sudo apt-get install -y xorg openbox

По правому клику выпадает меню. Чтобы иметь возможность его настраивать установите obmenu (впрочем, это необязательно/optional):
sudo apt-get install -y obmenu

Themes (optional):
sudo apt-get install -y openbox-themes obconf
Download themes to ~/themes then right-click desktop and select ObConf.
debian vps openbox memory usage
Panel (optional).
Gnome panel:
sudo apt-get install -y gnome-panel
openbox debian 5 gnome-panel memory usage
Или fbpanel:
sudo apt-get install -y fbpanel

Обои на рабочий стол (в параметрах передается путь к картинке):
sudo apt-get install hsetroot && hsetroot -full /root/wallpapers/wallpaper.jpg

2. TightVNC Server

Install TightVNC server:
sudo apt-get install -y tightvncserver
Start TightVNC server:
vncserver -geometry 800x600 -depth 16
Autostart TightVNC Server:
echo "@reboot root /usr/bin/vncserver -geometry 800x600 -depth 16 2>/dev/null" >> /etc/crontab
(didn't work for me...)
launch start tightvnc debian ubuntu
Now you can connect to your server with VNC Viewer. If you don't know which port to connect to, check netstat:
netstat -a
Usually it's 5901.
connecting to tightvnc server with vnc viewer
I mean "your server IP goes here", not home IP.

3.1. Firefox

sudo apt-get install -y firefox
apt-get install -y iceweasel

3.2. Adobe Flash Player to Firefox

Gonna need cURL library:
sudo apt-get install -y curl
On Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install -y flashplugin-nonfree
On Debian:
apt-get install -y flashplugin-nonfree
On Ubuntu (easy non-console way):
Launch Firefox (open console/terminal, type "firefox" and hit Enter), go to Youtube.

Screenshot by captain obvious:installing adobe flash player ubuntu firefox
And here we go:
youtube video ubuntu

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