8 апреля 2014 г.

I think I'll stay on Windows XP

Today, on the 8th of April 2014, the official support for Windows XP is now over. No, this does not mean the computers will stop working. It's just there will be no more security updates and patches. Microsoft claims the computers running Windows XP are now at risk.

But I can't think of any reasons to upgrade, honestly, no matter what the Microsoft management wants me to believe.

This is all more paperwork than the real issues. All these scary stories about how you're unprotected and on your own will make sense after you read several of them. At that point you're supposed to suddenly notice how they all look the same. It feels like all of them were written in the Microsoft HQ basement and pushed to Forbes, Washington Post, Mashable, Computerworld and the others as some sort of paid advertisement to make whoever is still on XP upgrade in fear. They even seem to have the same structure and tone - it does sound like they were written by a hysterical housewife afraid of not being able to log on Facebook more than anything else. I guess Microsoft wants to push 8.1 that desperately.

I once again will not upgrade. There's no reason to. I wasn't using Microsoft Update and those security-fixes-whatever anyway, so if Microsoft will shut it down, it's no biggie to me. I don't even run any antivirus software for more than 4 years, and I believe I know what I'm doing

I just like XP, I got used to it. This is the OS I started with many, many years ago. It was there when all of the major things in our lives happened, it was groundbreaking back then. I guess I'm just getting older. When I'm working with it, I... I know it sounds weird, but I just feel home. There's no need for me to abandon it.

P.S. here's a story on how a guy was searching for wherever the Autumn wallpaper photo was taken: Autumn and the Plot Against Me


UPDATE April 2017. Switched to a Mac. Don't regret. Still like XP though.

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