10 июля 2017 г.

report spam abuse hotmail gmail google apps

Let's say you received a spam message from spammer@example.com. It'd be a good idea to report it to their provider so they can kick the abuser out of their system. To do that, you can forward an e-mail message to a reserved e-mail address. What that address looks like depends on the provider. If the sender hosts their e-mail, you can look up the real provider using MX Tool Box (just replace the example.com domain in that link with the actual domain in question).
  • Hotmail: abuse@hotmail.com
  • Google Apps (G Suite): abuse@example.com
  • Gmail: I'd presume it's abuse@gmail.com, but I've seen reports saying they still continue receiving spam from the Gmail account they reported. As an option, you can use the Report Abuse tool.
Corrections are welcome.

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