30 января 2018 г.

Connecting Kindle Paperwhite books to Goodreads using Calibre (finally a path that works predictably)

I've been having problems reliably connecting books I've downloaded elsewhere to my Goodreads profile. I knew I'd need to use Calibre with a quality check plugin installed, but something still wasn't working once in a while. Here I collected working advices into a golden path:
  1. Add your book to Calibre
  2. If the book you got isn't in AZW3, convert it (important!). Then delete the other formats from the book's Calibre record.
  3. Go to Amazon.com and find the book and it's version you'd like to track with Goodreads. Make sure to switch to it's kindle edition (important!)
  4. Scroll down to where the product details are and copy the ASIN number including the "ASIN: " prefix
  5. Return to Calibre, right-click the book and go to "Edit Metadata" → "Edit Metadata Individually", remove everything from the Ids input if it's not empty and paste your "ASIN: ABCXYZ", where ABCXYZ is your actual ASIN.
  6. Click download metadata, it'll look through Amazon and is supposed to find the right version.
  7. Use "Quality check" → "Fix" → "Fix ASIN for Kindle Fire"
  8. If you have other copies of the book on your Kindle, remove them. Then Send the AZW3 version to the Device
Alternative way:
  1. Find out the ISBN13 of the book: 
  2. Put it into Calibre:
  3. Click "Download Metadata" and continue from "it'll look through Amazon" above

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