22 февраля 2018 г.

raspberry raspbian debian dhcp dhcpcd wicd wifi not connected

Pretty much the same issue as desceibed here:
The network shows up in the wicd-client menu, and when I click connect, it gives me the usual messages: Doyle-WiFi: Disconnecting active connections... Doyle-WiFi: Putting interface up... Doyle-WiFi: Validating authentication... Doyle-WiFi: Obtaining IP address... Doyle-WiFi: Done connecting... But it doesn't actually connect to the network, and just goes back to the default "Not connected" message.
Source: Wicd looks like it's connecting just fine, but doesn't I'm using this on a raspbian with WICD GUI installed. What helped me was going to Wicd settings, then external programs and setting the preferred DHCP client to dhclient source

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